What Is The Average Pasture Mowing Cost?

pasture mowing cost?

We are going to complicate matters greatly by starting this article with this statement: there is no accurate average figure for pasture mowing cost in the United States.  There are simply too many factors which can figure into the final cost for acreage mowing. There are too many areas in the United States, and the cost of acreage mowing in Maryland may differ greatly from acreage mowing in Texas.

But we are not going to leave you hanging in this article. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with quality pasture mowing service, and we will share with you, in this article, the information we know to be true. Hopefully that will help you when it comes time to choose from the many pasture mowing companies in your area.  Call us for more information and to arrange for a job quote.

The nature of pasture mowing

The price structure for pasture mowing is a bit different from the price structure for lawn mowing.  Generally speaking, the price per acre drops as the number of acres increases in mowing pasture grass.  That is because of the equipment used for pasture mowing.  Keith’s Tractor Mowing uses a TORO 5910 professional tractor mower with a sixteen-foot cutting swath.  It is capable of mowing seventeen acres in an hour, and close to one-hundred acres, or more, in a day, depending upon the lay of the land and any obstructions which might be on the land.

So, if one acre costs, say, $75 to mow, but you have fifteen, and they can all be done in one hour, it can be said that the fifteen acres actually cost $5 per acre to mow, considering a one-acre minimum cost.

Having said that, there is no regulation regarding the price charged for pasture mowing.  One company may charge you $75 for one acre; another company may charge you $125 one acre, and increase that cost for multiple acreage.

More information about pasture mowing to muddy the situation

And then you need to consider the lay of the land and obstructions.  A level fifteen-acre area will be much easier to mow (and probably less-expensive) than fifteen-acres of rolling hills with a stream running through the middle of it, and a stone wall bordering three sides.

Again, there are no regulations governing the pricing of pasture mowing, and you are quite likely to receive a variety of job quotes if you shop around.

How, then, do you know a fair price for lot mowing?

First, the market will determine a good average price. The Laws of Supply and Demand will keep most professional mowing services in line when it comes to pricing and job quotes.  If a commercial mowing service wants to stay in business, they will price their services competitively.

Second, for a mowing job which could cost you hundreds of dollars, it is worth it to you, the customer, to ask for references and follow-through with those references.  The time you take calling former clients of mowing companies is time well-spent if it saves you hundreds of dollars and nets you a quality mowing job.

A final word about pasture mowing cost

Our apologies for not having an easy answer to this question, but it would be a disservice to you if we did that.  Keith’s Tractor Mowing has built a reputation in the Fort Worth area based on honesty and integrity, and our name and reputation are important to us.  Follow our recommendations. Call around, check references, and determine for yourself which mowing companies can do what they claim they can do for a fair price.

Call us for more information regarding pasture mowing cost and any other facet of commercial mowing services.