What Will You Pay for Lawn Mowing Rates Per Acre?

lawn mowing rates per acre

Do you know the lawn mowing rates per acre if you were to hire someone to mow your acreage?

Don’t feel bad; nobody knows the answer to that question, unless it is someone who actually works for a commercial mowing service.  However, you are in luck, because acreage mowing is what we do at Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and today we will walk you through the lawn mowing prices per acre.

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Lawn mowing rates per acre by the hour.

There is no easy answer to this question, and for that we apologize. The reason for this is because all cities are different. The professional grass cutters set their prices, in a particular city, according to what the market will bear.

We can tell you that the national average will be $75 per hour, but if you live in a depressed area, that figure may bee closer to $50 per hour, and in rich farmland like the Napa Valley, it could easily be closer to $200 per hour.

How, then, do you find your market rate? Call the different commercial mowing services in you city.  By the time you have called five of them, you will have a fair idea of the hourly rate in your region.

Lawn mowing prices per acre job quote.

Prices per acre is the same answer as in the previous section. The market will determine prices.  Companies will not charge exorbitant prices when their competitors do not; that would be a death sentence for the highest priced company.  Having said that, a modern tractor mower is capable of mowing fifteen acres in an hour, so keep that in mind when you are obtaining job quotes from companies.  If you have five acres, and you are quoted three hours for the job, something is rotten in Denmark.

Other than price, consider these things.

Companies may charge traveling fees if you are in a remote area. They may set surcharges if the area is difficult terrain or there are a number of obstacles which will hinder their mowers.

Our best suggestion is this: ask around. Call local farms and ranchers and ask them who does their mowing.  Also ask the companies if they carry liability insurance. If the answer is not, do not consider that company. Mowing acreage is a dangerous job, and accidents can happen. Liability insurance will protect you and your belongings from those accidents.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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