A Word of Warning About Cutting in Brush

cutting in brush

We feel safe in saying that every weekend, across America, there are people cutting in brush.  Next to mowing lawns, it is probably the most common property task performed by property owners in the United States.  However, simply because it is done often by property owners does not mean it should be done by property owners, and it is that point we wish to address in this article.

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All right let’s talk about cutting high grass and brush.

Cutting in brush requires proper equipment.

Cutting in brush is more than just mowing tall grass.  There will be times when blackberry bushes need to be eradicated, when small saplings need to be cut back, when scrub brush is so thick that the best of mowers cannot do the job.  At that point, facing that foe, you will need the proper equipment, something with a little more heft and grit than a weedwhacker purchased at Home Depot.

You will need what is called a brush hog, otherwise known as a bush hog.  The truly big jobs require this type of attachment, an attachment which is dragged along behind a tractor mower.  Yes, there are smaller brush hogs, the walk-behind variety, but no matter which one you choose to use for your particular job, the point is that a stronger piece of machinery is needed, one with heavy blades made from the strongest of steel, and one with the horsepower necessary to keep those blades cutting no matter the opposition.

Cutting in brush required safety precautions.

And anytime we start talking about heavy equipment, we must talk about safety precautions.  Heavy equipment like a tractor mower, a riding lawnmower, or a brush hog, have the potential for injury.  Despite the fact that thousands of weekend warriors ignore this truth, it is still a truth.  Ask any emergency room nurse or doctor about the injuries they see, on a fairly regular basis, injuries caused by those same weekend warriors operating machinery they simply are not trained to operate.

It is not our job to frighten you, but we would be remiss if we did not mention this truth.

Do it yourself or pay to have someone else do it?

And so we come to this question: do you have the skills to operate that machinery and thus, do the job yourself, or would it be worth it for you to hire the job out to a professional brush-cutting company?  You will pay in the neighborhood of $75-$100 per hour for a professional to do it.  Compare that to the cost of renting machinery and hauling that machinery to your property, or purchasing the machinery and again, hauling it to your property.

We cannot make that decision for you, but we feel it is our responsibility to at least talk to you about your options.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

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