Brush Mower Danger Should Not Be Overlooked

brush mower

For those who do not know what a brush mower is, this article will enlighten you.  It will also enlighten you to the danger of operating a brush mower (aka brush hog), and we want you to pay very close attention to what we tell you about that danger.

We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing and yes, we do provide brush mower services in the Greater Fort Worth area.  Call us the next time the job is too big, or too dangerous, for your skill-set.  We lead the way in the Fort Worth area in acreage mowing and brush mowing.

What is a brush mower?

A brush mower, otherwise known as a brush hog, or a bush hog, is a large attachment which fits behind a tractor mower.  Its purpose is in its name: to cut down brush which is too large, or too thick, to be cut by a regulation mower.

This Herculean task is accomplished because a brush mower has blades made of very heavy steel, and very hard steel.  In addition, the blades revolve at a higher rpm than normally happens with a normal mower.  The combination of those two factors, heavier blades and higher rpms, means that tougher vegetation can be easily cut down, making short work of blackberry bushes, other tough vines, and even small saplings.

The dangers of operating a brush mower

Like any heavy machinery, using a brush mower comes with dangers.  Heavy, sharp steel, revolving at high rpms, means potential problems.  Objects like rocks can be hurled hundreds of feet.  Blades can be jammed, requiring expertise in clearing the obstruction.

It would serve no purpose to discuss the nature of injuries incurred each year by improper use of a brush mower; suffice it to say, they can be dangerous pieces of machinery.

Training really is needed

We are pretty bullish on this statement.  Yes, you can rent a brush mower at farm implement businesses, but the simple fact that you can rent one does not mean you should rent one.  If you do not have proper training in the operation of heavy equipment, you have no business operating it, period, end of discussion, in our experienced and humble opinion.  Saving money is no reason to risk serious injury or death, and no, that is not hyperbole.  Ask your insurance agent about the statistics of farm-related injury and deaths.

This article is not meant as a scare tactic.  It is a simple recitation of the facts, from a company which deals with this farm tool daily.  We know the danger involved, we are trained to deal with that danger, and still, our respect for the brush mower has not lessened over the years. We still are extremely careful when operating one.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing

Keith’s Tractor Mowing is locally owned and operated, and we are a trusted name in acreage mowing, lot mowing, brush hog operating, right of way mowing, pipeline mowing, church mowing, you name it, if the job is over an acre in size, and within a seventy-five-mile radius of Fort Worth, we are qualified to tackle it.  Call us the next time the job is too big, or too dangerous, for you to handle.