Cutting In Brush Is Not For Amateurs

cutting in brush

A rather controversial statement about cutting in brush, and we will explain, in this article, why we stand by it. We are Keith’s Tractor Mowing, and we have served the Fort Worth area, with distinction, long enough so that our opinion on these matters carries some weight. Call us for all your acreage mowing and brush hog jobs. We are Fort Worth’s first choice for jobs over one acre in size.

The dangers of cutting in brush.

We realize our statement may sound self-serving, but we have seen the statistics and witnessed, firsthand, what happens when people use heavy machinery without proper training.

Please note, we are not talking about hacking down some blackberry bushes in the back yard. That may be a tedious job, and you may end up with a bushel full of scratches, but the danger level is pretty low.  Note: weedwhackers are suited for most homeowners, but we caution you all to please wear eye protection. Even the lowest level weedwhacker, sold at Home Depot, can fling debris into your eyes. Protective eyewear only costs a couple dollars, and it will be money well-spent.

This article is aimed at those property owners considering cutting heavy brush, as in the use of a chainsaw, or other similar tools.  It is amazing how many weekend warriors think operating a chainsaw is a basic skill, not requiring any special training, and many of those warriors end up in the emergency room.  Anytime you are operating something have sharp teeth, and spins at high revolutions, you have a recipe for potential accidents.

Cutting in brush requires heavy machinery.

This is especially true if your brush requires some machinery more powerful than a chainsaw.  We oftentimes need to use a a machine called a bush hog for the big brush jobs, an attachment to our tractor mower which most definitely requires special training and certification.

Large machinery not only has the capability of causing physical harm, but it also has a very real capability to do damage to outbuildings, homes, vehicles, and anyone walking nearby.

Is it worth the risk if you are not trained?

Are you covered in case of accident?

And then we have the matter of medical and insurance coverage; what does your homeowner’s insurance cover? Will it cover damage caused by you operating machinery you are not trained for? What about medical insurance?

Most likely you will be covered; we are simply cautioning you to make sure before you take the risk.  Our goal in this article is not to frighten you, or to say you definitely should not attempt brush cutting on your own. We are simply cautioning you all that there are ramifications if you are not prepared for the worst that can happen.

A final word about Keith’s Tractor Mowing.

In a city the size of Fort Worth, Texas, we are proud to say we are trusted by local governments, businesses, churches, ranchers, farmers, basically anyone looking for local help with the big mowing jobs.  We are locally owned and operated, and we are standing by waiting for your phone call.